Achievements of the Directorate of Child Welfare

  • Formation of the Child Act 2008
  • Passing of the UNCRC for ratification by the Republic of South Sudan
  • Development of the Child Responsive budgeting guide booklet.
  • Training of Social Workers in Child Protection in conjunction with Juba University
  • Development of policy documents and frameworks for example the Draft Policy on Children without appropriate care, Diversion scheme, Justice for Children Framework and the child friendly version of the Child Act.
  • Assessment on children living and working on the streets in South Sudan carried out in 6 States.
  • Mapping and assessment of Child Protection (CP) systems in South Sudan aimed at informing the National Strategy for strengthening CP systems in the country.
  • Improved well being of the children in South Sudan in partnership with Development partners in Child Protection through various Child Protection Intervention like, Family Tracing and Unification of unaccompanied and separated children, Child Rights promotion campaigns.