National and International Child Welfare Days Commemorated

Ministry Staff Attend to Children

  • Day of the African Child;

This event is celebrated every year on the 16th of June. This day is commemorated in the memory of the South African school children at Soweto town, who were massacred in 1972, as a result of their demonstration against the Education system of the Apartheid regime. This event is performed with the support of the partners.

  • The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) Day;

This day is commemorated every 20th of November of the year. Last year on the 19th November 2013, the Directorate with the support of the partners organized a one-day workshop to orient the Parliamentarians on the UNCRC, so that they could lobby the passing and ratification of the UNCRC. As such the bill was passed in the Parliament on the 20th November 2013.

  • Child Labour Day;

This event is marked every 14th June, as a means of awareness raising and elimination of the worst forms of child labour in South Sudan. The Ministry of Labour is the lead ministry in this event supported by Directorate of Child welfare MGCSW and the International Organization of Labour; ILO.

  • The Girl Child Day;

This event occurs annually on the 8th October, and is organized with the support of Plan International to raise awareness on the importance of education for the girl child.