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Regina Ossa Lullo
Ms Regina Ossa Lullo
Director General for Gender and Child Welfare
Telephone: +211912919187

Ms. Jackline Novello Naiilock
Ag/Director of Gender
Telephone: (+211) 0955904847


Ms. Jane Kiden
Deputy Director of Women, Peace and Security
Telephone: +211955018339
Email :


About the Directorate of Gender

The directorate of gender is mandated to promote gender equality and empower women, social justice, and safe guard the rights and welfare of women, and the vulnerable. The directorate formulates and review gender related policies and legislations for protection of women’s rights and promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment. The directorate of gender co-ordinates and monitors the implementation of the policies and strategic plans for social justice and transformation in South Sudan. The directorate of Gender has four departments as follows: Department of Gender; Department of Women empowerment; Department of Women, Peace and Security and; Department for Women with Special Needs.

The Directorate of gender focuses on creation of an enabling policy and regulatory framework for the promotion of gender equality, strengthening gender mainstreaming in national planning process and all Government institutions, strengthen aid coordination in gender, women’s participation in decision making, peace initiatives at all levels, and strengthen aid coordination on gender issues. In this regard, the directorate aims at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen policies and regulatory framework to promote gender equality
  2. Empower women for effective participation in social, economic and political development.
  3. Strengthen women’s participation in peace initiatives at all levels
  4. Strengthen the rights of women with special need
  5. Conduct research and surveys on gender issues


  • To develop policies relevant to gender-specific issues promoting the equitable advancement of women and men in all spheres of development
  • To foster equitable participation of women and men in policy formulating processes
  • To initiate, formulate, implement and evaluate laws, policies and programmes that address issues of gender and women’s empowerment
  • To develop and issue operational standards and guidelines for service delivery on gender and women’s empowerment
  • To spearhead the promotion of gender equality through advocacy, development and implementation of legal frameworks that promote and protect the rights of the women
  • To improve the status of women and girls
  • To ensure gender main-streaming at all levels

Functions of the Directorate of Gender

  • Strengthen the state and other government institutions on gender mainstreaming.
  • Promote affirmative programmes for women with special needs.
  • Promote the rights of women.
  • Promote and advocate for ratification and reporting of international and regional gender related instruments that South Sudan is a party to, including (CEDAW) UNSCR 1325, Maputo Protocol and the regional instruments.
  • Coordinate and disseminate the implementation of concluding observations by UN committee on CEDAW.
  • Promote programs to enhance women’s participation in economic, political and social life.
  • Promotes women’s participation in peace initiatives.
  • Promote and coordinate education programmes and training for women and girls.
  • Coordinate research on women and gender issues.
  • Advocate for gender based violence prevention, protection, care and response.