Achievements of Directorate of Gender

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Achievements of Directorate of Gender since 2005

  • National Gender Policy Framework of 2008 that was passed by the SSLA has been revised and Strategic Plan developed, the two documents were launched in August 2013 by the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare (MGCSW).
  • Standard Operating Procedures for prevention, protection and response to Gender Based Violence that was developed in 2008 has been revised awaiting approval by Counsel of Minister to be launched on 25th November 2014.
  • The South Sudan National Action Plan has been developed to enable the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution1325, women peace and security. The MGCSW has developed South Sudan National Action Plan (SSNAP) for the implementation of UNSCR 1325, women peace and security. This document is to be approved by Council of Ministers before it could be launch planned for October 2014 the day of the UNSCR 1325.
  • The CEDAW has been passed by the SSLA remaining the President’s assenting signature.
  • Comprehensive Gender Assessment was completed in 2011.
  • The Women’s Economic Empowerment Project to alleviate poverty, supported 109 NGOs and CBOs in the 10 states in Agriculture and other income generating activities
  • Taskforce established to lead on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) claimed to be committed by UNMISS, UNPOL or Staff of the UN agencies. In 2013 the MGCSW and UNMISS organized a campaign to disseminate and create awareness on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation & Abuse (SEA) in all the ten States.
  • Gender Mainstreaming Manual developed for training Gender Focal Point Persons throughout government institutions. 29 Gender Focal Point Persons were trained in gender mainstreaming and gender responsive budgeting.
  • With Support from Norwegian Peoples’ Aids (NPA) one Women’s Centre has been constructed in Bor, Jonglei State.
  • 7 rural women were trained on Rural Solar Electrification at Barefoot College in India.
  • The MGCSW worked with BRAC and with support from World Bank MTDF funding for Adolescent Girls Initiative, to mobilize 3000 adolescent girls who were trained in livelihood and leadership skills, life skills, and increased awareness on reproductive health.
  • To enable access to legal support, Special Protection Units have been established at 12 police stations for reporting cases of GBV and human rights violation.
  • A baseline survey was conducted on the prevalence of gender-based violence in 2010 with support from UNHCR, UNFPA and IRC.
  • Establishment of Women Associations:
    1. With Support from UNDP in 2009, the MGCSW coordinated the establishment of South Sudanese Women Lawyers Association (SSWLA).
    2. World Bank and MGCSW in 20010, coordinated the establishment of South Sudanese Women Entrepreneurship Association (SSWEA)
    3. The South Sudanese Women General Association (SSWGA) was established in 2009 as an umbrella body to represent all women of South Sudan from the ten States, as a non-partisan, civil society organization with the mandate to lead the women of South Sudan in development.
    4. There are many Women Organizations including CSO, NGOs and CBO that work with the MGCSW in promoting gender equality and empowerment of women in South Sudan.