Directorate of Social Welfare

Social Welfare Coordination in South Sudan
Physical Rehabilitation Reference Centre
School for the Blind and Deaf
Victim Assistance Programme

Mr Cosmas A. Abolou
Ag Director General of Social Welfare
Telephone: +211956786266 / +211977124172
Directions to the Directorate of Social Welfare

About the Directorate of Social Welfare
The Directorate of Social Welfare is responsible for the development of social welfare, social protection and disability policies, programmes, projects, guidelines and standards and spearheading the mainstreaming of disability issues in public and private institutions in accordance with the National Development Plan and International, regional and national legal and policy instruments

The Directorate of Social Welfare is composed of four departments of social welfare, special needs and rehabilitation, disability and social protection, and family support. The Directorate has a total of 89 staff.


  • To develop policies, guidelines, and standards relevant to social welfare, social protection and disability specific issues
  • To foster equitable participation of Persons with Disability in development processes
  • To initiate, formulate, implement and evaluate laws, policies and programmes that address issues of Persons with Disability and social welfare
  • To spearhead the promotion of rights of PWDs through advocacy, development and implementation of legal frameworks, programmes that promote and protect the rights of Persons with Disability
  • To Improve the status of Person with Disability
  • To ensure access to social welfare services and welfare
  • To provide rehabilitation services
  • To spearhead mainstream social and disability inclusive policies and programmes in the national development, planning and budgeting