The Directorates

The Directorate of Gender was set up to fulfill the mandate of promoting and achieving gender equality, women’s empowerment and social justice. The Directorate focuses on formulation and review of gender related policies, standards and guidelines; co-ordination and monitoring the implementation of Government policies and plans for social justice and transformation.

The Directorate of Child Welfare was established to specifically to deal with children’s affairs fulfilling the government’s constitutional mandate to protect children and ensure that their rights are not infringed according to chapter 17 of the Transitional constitution of South Sudan.

The Directorate of Social Welfare is responsible for development of social welfare, social protection and disability policies, programmes, projects, guidelines and standards and spearheading the mainstreaming of disability issues in public and private institutions in accordance with the National Development Plan and international, regional and national legal and policy instruments.

The Directorate of Planning, Research and Documentation acts as a co-ordination and support directorate which provides technical back up to all the all directorates and institutions operating under the Ministry in the review, development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of policies, plans, programmes, and projects for the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women, social protection child and social welfare.

The Directorate of Administration improves the Ministry’s working environment by strengthening the structures, systems and procedures, human and administrative capacity for efficient service delivery.