Vision, Mission and Mandate


The history of the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare (MGCSW) dates back to 1994 when the first SPLM Convention in Eastern Equatorial state, formed a Secretariat of Gender and Child Welfare. As mentioned above, this was transformed to the Ministry of Gender, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs following the CPA in 2005 and renamed to the current Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare (MGCSW) in 2010.

The MGCSW is mandated to promote gender equality, social justice, and safe guard the rights and welfare of women, children, persons with disability and other vulnerable groups. The scope of the mandate of the Ministry covers gender and women’s empowerment, child and social welfare functions.

The Ministry is responsible for formulation and implementation of policies and legislations for promotion of gender equality, women’s empowerment, child protection and welfare as well as social protection and welfare in South Sudan.

The Ministry is composed of five directorates of Gender, and Child Welfare, Social Welfare, Administration, and Research and Planning.

Ministry’s Vision:

Contribute towards attainment of a just, peaceful, inclusive and equitable society

Ministry’s Mission:

To provide policy guidance, effective service delivery coordinate, facilitate, monitor and evaluate gender equality, women’s empowerment, the rights of children, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups

Core Functions of the Ministry

  • Develop policies, standards, action plans, guidelines and programmes for the promotion of gender equality, child and social welfare.
  • Main-streaming gender equality, and disability into national development process.
  • Ensure and promote the welfare and respect of the rights of persons with disabilities, children, women and other vulnerable groups.
  • Manage programmes and institutions for children and social welfare.

Core Values:

  • Team work
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Gender responsiveness
  • Gender equality
  • Quality services
  • Equity